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Action Volunteers Africa is a non-profit initiative placing youth volunteers into organisations to gain skills and strengthen society. These young school leavers will have the opportunity to volunteer in structured 6-12 month action postings in a variety of NGOs. Sustained practical working experience gives a school leaver the chance to make a tangible contribution to their country and at the same time serves as a jump start to their futures – bridging the gap between school and the rest of their lives. AVA recruits through this practical working experience will assist both the organisations and the communities they serve and at the same time gain new skills and the ability to communicate with their fellow South Africans. The recruits will experience intense personal growth while they are part of the programme which offers well-structured action postings together with a comprehensive orientation programme and on-going support and learning through monthly motivation forums. There are diverse opportunities which will assist the recruits to make an informed decision about their future while they volunteer. The benefits of this programme for a recruit at the start of their working future are priceless. They will gain an introduction to the world of work in a closely monitored programme designed to stimulate their interest, increase skills and experience and improve future work and study opportunities. Recruits will learn to take responsibility, enabling them to cope with future study and work pressures. Through service they have the potential to become role models, community motivators and ultimately future leaders.


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R 37 000.00

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Go for it! Happy to support such an enthusiastic young change driver!

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