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Since drugs and gangsterism is the first things our children take notice of in our communities, we felt that having an alternative for the kids could be a solution. Yes it is not a quick fix, but in the long run the kids attending our sessions and taking part in our activities are influenced positively. They make better decisions and are more focussed and goal orientated.

They are informed, educated and uplifted by the programs. They are also fed atleast two hotmeals on the days the program runs.

Our next dream is to start with weekend camps as well as more visits to museums and other cultural and businesses/organisations to further expose and build up these kids.

If we invest in them now we will see the fruit of labour in the future leaders in our communties and in our country.

Yes, our initial vision was to get kids off the streets during school holidays. We still do.

Yes, we wanted to provide food daily. Unfortunately space and funds does not allow for a daily feeding program. We do feed those attending sessions.

Yes, we would love a space to be available to the kids full time. With enough funds we may be able to.

Getting to know the kids we just want to keep on doing more and more to better their lives and circumstances. We ask you the reader to contribute tou our vision and mission and invest in the future of a child.



Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Donations to date

R 71.23

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Keep up the good work.

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