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African Democratic Change

The African Democratic Change (ADeC) was launched on 1 December 2017. This is a political party that was founded by Dr Makhosi Khoza along with civil movements that exist and local government level.  

The African Democratic Change seeks to create a non-racial society premised on the philosophy of UBUNTU, it further seeks to create a society where education and skills development is accessible to all in a manner that fosters sustainability and a society that embraces moral and ethical leadership. 

The African Democratic Change is a political party that embraces feminism as an integral ideology. This is due to a gender struggle that is currently retrogressing, notwithstanding the gains since 1994 for females in this country. The African Democratic Change believes that more still needs to be done! The scourge of rape and abuse, and discrimination of women in workspaces and private spaces is an indication that much more still needs to be done. 

ADeC also believes that young people of all races should be in the forefront in charting the way forward in our country and holding strategic positions. Our country is young and therefore this has to be reflected in our institutions. 

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