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Adhope is proud to be doing the best to helping the less privileged, orphans and disadvantaged members in our community. We rely on handouts and donations from the corporates, churches, ngos, good samaritans. It is an uphill battle to give them enough as the number keeps on escalating due to poverty, dreadful diseases and the high rate of unemployment.

We have been able to host an African soccer tournament, involving 20 African local teams, which was a huge success in intergration of Africans as a whole, which further promotes social-cohesion and cultural tolerances among different backgrounds.

We promote African Unions vision of peace, democracy development, unity. We also encourage the partnerships within different social groups.

Currently we need to host a My Child is everyones child, on the 9th of September at our premises. The problem we have is of funding of the day, as we rely on handouts and heartfelt donations.

We will be humbled if communities can come to our aid, to make this day special for the kids we look after.

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