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Hello everyone, I'm Adrian Delilly, I'm a 16 year old South African Learner at a Highschool. As you might have seen, my Title is: Korea. And I'm here to explain why I named it "Korea". The school is leaving to go to Korea for a student exchange opportunity for smart individuals, but I'm in a Financial crisis. I need R10 000 before the end of January and I can see the pressure it puts on my parents( beneficiary) . We have a middle income and my parents really want me to go to South Korea for educational purposes. It is very important for the funds to be raised because of the deadline my school has, and if the measures are not measured, I unfortunately can't afford to go. If I raise all the funds, I will be able to go to South Korea; I would finally be able to fulfill my parents' dream and get the educational opportunity I dream off. The funds raised will make my parents be able to buy the suitcase, pay the flight ticket (±R25 000), and be able to buy the essential things needed for the 22 day trip to South Korea. I can show a proof of me being accepted to go to South Korea, and give cellphone numbers for you to verify. I hope this reaches the people who are interested in helping me in this difficult time. Thank you everyone for reading.

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