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African Economic Advancement Association AEAA NPC

AEAA  is a member-based and we are growing every day with the Vision to accommodate all Zimbabweans living in the South to take part in business engagements and Dialogue in issues that affect Zimbabweans in that Diaspora. Mainly focusing on how we can help to revive Zimbabwe's economy and also boost South Africa's economy through business engagements. 

Aeaa is a Diaspora business engagement and Dialogue association platform for Immigrants living and working in South Africa.

AEAA is an association of  diaspora immigrants mainly for business engagement and involvement. AEAA is meant to show our actions on cross border economic issues in terms of approach and/or strategies in all fields of business affecting immigrants. 

The  Zimbabwean diaspora engagement initiatives by AEAA, with a coordinated approach, will manifest ourselves through facilitating dialogues with the government of SA and Zimbabwe . respectively, we want to be the platform allowing the diaspora immigrants to officially participate in the economic life of this country and ours.

The AEAA’s ambition is to enhance the economic capabilities of Diaspora immigrants so that they may contribute efficiently to the development of this country and ours. With government and other departments' support, we will organize ourselves in order to provide new elements allowing establishing a genuine diaspora engagement in business sectors that would allow maximizing our input to development. 

AEAA is putting strategies and build diaspora profiles (youth, type, successive generations, cultural factors), migration motives,  and the type of entrepreneurship and investment project  (major projects, such as infrastructure versus support for  SMEs). In this context, ensure that engagement policies of the diaspora/entities involve all appropriate departments, such as the Economy development and Finance and transport Departments.

AEAA will further develop evidence-based strategies. To collect information (qualitative through studies and  research but also statistics); systematically analyse the extent and types of entrepreneurship and diaspora  involvement.

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