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AID My Journey-Support


    • Create an understanding of how HIV is transmitted in an attempt to curb the ongoing spread of the disease.


    • Educate through my experience and personal testimony of living with HIV/AIDS.


    • Create awareness on how HIV/AIDS affects us all as a global community, infected or not.


    • Promote the view that those living with HIV/AIDS require understanding and consideration rather than judgment with a stigma attached to it as no one ‘deserves’ this disease.


Welcome to My Journey – Cindy Pivacic

I am a speaker and IEC Facilitator on HIV and AIDS. I have been living positively with HIV and AIDS since November 2004 and the budding author of the yet unpublished “AID My Journey”.

I have lived through numerous challenges and would like to share my journey from diagnosis through to the present stage of my life, proving that HIV and AIDS is a manageable disease, and need not bea death sentence.

I am living proof that a healthy lifestyle can prolong your existence; if you have prior knowledge of what to do, where to go and when and how to do it.

This makes my speaking relevant, personal and is designed to be both educational and motivational.

If I manage to inspire just one person, I will consider this part of my life successful.



Share My Journey

Firstly, I would like thank you, for having read this far. I would like you to know that I am one of the most positive (pun intended) people you will ever meet. After two failed marriages, one, the  second one was seriously abusive; I finally landed in the most disastrous relationship of all and contracted the HI virus at the very late age of 46, diagnosed on the 11th November 2004 while living in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

It is not a depressing story of my life but is in fact a celebration and insight into how to survive living with HIV/AIDS.

The life threatening condition changed the way I thought, lived, ate, slept, had relationships, related to other people also changing with who and where I socialised .

The perception amongst the black South African community is that white people, specifically white women are not vulnerable to HIV/AIDS; my knowledge of this comes from actual counselling of the black South African community, which is partly what inspired me to share my status assisting in removing the stigma associated with the disease.

I do not for a minute believe that the white South African community feel that they are as vulnerable as the black community is. They are in denial and terrified to acknowledge that they are at risk or are  already HIV positive. You know that ‘ostrich head in the sand syndrome’ - if they cannot see it, it is not there! Due to the lack of knowledge and misinformation, the white community at large know very little about the disease.

 I have created a website to share some of my experiences, gather information, debate issues, and where possible assist others in need of information by pointing them in the right direction for heir specific needs.  

Talk Content

My talks consist of empowering and educating people on living with this life threatening virus in a manner that could, handled correctly prolong their survival. As well as trying to alleviate the stigma attached to the disease, I am able to counsel individuals having completed a Lay Counsellor and Victim Empowerment Course should they require the personal one on one option.

I hope the website will help put some perspective on the virus and take away the fear people have of living with “IT” or going for that dreaded test.

My opinion is still rather; know your status than not know it! Knowing your status means you can “Deal With It”, make the correct choices to live a healthy ongoing lifestyle and you will be surprised at the acceptance and support you receive from friends and family.

I am an in-your-face kind of person but try not to come across as arrogant, disrespectful, or condescending but do tend to say a thing as it is and if I do this and it provokes just one person into action then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Hope, that this site ( may help someone you know and care about live a healthy life and manage the virus.

My presentations and support are aimed at corporate institutions, NGO’s, small and large groups, as well as for company functions and conferences designed to be enlightening and motivational. I am not limited to any “type” of business and welcome all enquiries.



Having duly examined the needs in the community and concluded that my proposed services will effectively address the still, enormous lack of information and education, I offer the facilitated servicesbelow. My goal is to empower and educate through an interactive forum which requires ongoing tutoring to maintain awareness around the HIV/AIDS topic.

    • Personal Testimony, Living Positively with HIV and AIDS
  • Preventative measures


    • Symptoms and Acquired Diseases
    • Testing Options (pre & post counselling)
    • Definition HIV and AIDS
    • CD4 and Viral Load counts
  • Interactive Questions and Answers


  Optional Extras:     
    • Facilitation of an English HIV/AIDS Support Groups for the benefit of individuals living with the virus.
    • One on One Counselling
    • In/Out House Support Group
  • PowerPoint Presentation (STI’s or HIV & AIDS)


I would like to share a few of my often heard sayings and hope they will get you thinking, my absolute favourite is:

“Deal With It”

“Don’t knock denial, it can be very useful” – Kate Carr

“Gratitude Nurtures Attitude” – need I say more!


Project 1: Computer Skills Initiative

Project 2: Support Group Facilitator Course









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