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I have been accepted into the Ambulance Emergency Assistant programme, a course that will upgrade my qualification to an intermediate life support level and something that I’ve been working towards for quite some time now.

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D Dawg
Don't forget to eat your veggies.
Coffee is life...
Aaaaaalbert you seem to be so passionate about the course. I still owed you money from our last coffee :-P Hope to see you again soon!
Good luck!!!
Harpur Smith
Those test results were too good not to donate you’re clearly doing your best I hope this helps a wee bit to see you through. Good to know we will be in the best hands if ever in a state of emergency!
Good luck
Well done on having the courage to do what you love!
For the secret path across the river you showed me. Good luck
B*tch from hell
You're a legend, and an inspiration.

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