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Medical dog training for Max Campaign

Hello everyone, I want to briefly share why we're reaching out.

My 11-year-old son has autonomic dysfunction, a condition where his nerves and brain don't communicate properly, leading to various health challenges. Despite multiple hospital visits and tests, including genetic testing, we're still awaiting results.

Joey, my son, had surgery and now uses a catheter due to this condition. Recently, our rescue dog, Max, has started growling at Joey occasionally. After consulting behaviorists and dog experts, we discovered that Max is actually alerting us to Joey's health issues. With Joey's condition, he may not always be aware when something is wrong, but Max senses it.

In the past months, Max has alerted us to fevers, infections, and other health issues that Joey wasn't aware of. We're exploring professional training for Max to enhance his abilities, as suggested by Joey's neurologist and our vet. Financially, it's a challenge for us right now, but we believe this training is crucial.

Max has become a lifeline for us, and any donation, no matter how small, would help us fund Max's vital medical dog training.

We appreciate your consideration and support,


Please consider contributing to this cause by clicking on the link below.

We welcome and appreciate all donors who are covering the platform fee, because more of your donations will go to this campaign. Thank you.

Donor Messages

The Segals.
Good luck.
Keep strong!!!
The Weissers
Good luck with the fundraiser for amazing Max and Joey x
Laurence & Annie
Good luck with the fundraiser. Great idea.
Love this story of a boy and a dog who loves him
Suzanne Behan
All the best.
With lots of love and best wishes for a successful outcome and good health to Joey. xx
Wishing you all the very best
Marius and Gary and Lucio

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