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All Hearts Foundation

All Hearts Foundation is a South African non-profit organisation who specialise in rescuing & rehabilitating wild life.

We are best known for the rescue work that we do with Canadian Timber Wolves, Lex registered the NPO in order to save the wolves from being sold off into the canned hunting trade.

We also do other rescue work with cats, dogs, chickens, sheep, horses, and pigs just to name a few.

Our two most recent members to the AHF Sanctuary are Sandy the horse, and Shimbungu a 8 month old dog from Namibia who is disabled. He was hit by a Taxi & his previous owner did not seek medical help for him, he was left to drag himself around. His back is broken between L5 & L6, but he feels no pain. He however has no control over his bowls and due to this needs to be in nappies, we are very hopefull that he will be able to walk on his own again one day. He is a very happy boy and inspires us will his will to survive. He is at home at AHF and is finally getting all the medical treatment and love that he needs and deserves.

We are a small passionate, skilled team striving to educate the public on these animals.

We provide a safe haven for the animals at the sanctuary and we are a voice for the voiceless.


Donations to date

R 965.14

Fundraising target

R 4 500 000.00

Donor Messages

Odette Joubert
My valley...Skeerpoort
Hope that every bit helps. Wish I could do more.
Let's all help this incredible. Organisation!