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My name is Allegra and I am a 15 year old girl from Westbury,Johannesburg.
I have been given an opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to represent my hockey club.
I come from a poverty stricken community called Westbury that constantly makes the news for the senseless killings because of drug wars and I want to be different and be the change so many in my community would love to see. This opportunity would mean me seeing a different part of the world and having the experience of my first airplane ride and most importantly bettering myself8 as a hockey player. 

I have started a little business selling snacks in hopes of getting some funds but time is not on my side to get to the amount needed.

Thank you for reading my story and hope that you find it in your hearts to assist me in making my dreams come true and helping me become a pillar and sign of hope to my community.


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R 65 000.00

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R 200.00

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