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Sammy Webber WILL Stand Again Campaign

Sammy Webber is arguably the best Jazz Bass Guitarist is Cape Town and South Africa. He has lost most of his vision and his left leg (above the knee) as explained below. He is as keen and brilliant as ever but fulfilling gigs has become really tough on him and his wife, Lesley Rae Sonnenberg (who is often his lead vocalist in his band). Because Sammy is 80% blind and in a wheelchair, when they perform as a duo, Lesley-Rae has to setup and carry the sound rig. More often than not, venues are not disabled friendly and Sammy is forced to decline the gig. Having him on both legs will not only eradicate this problem and help him with his income, but it will allow us to see our proud hero and maestro standing with dignity and pride which is exactly where he belongs - Front and Centre...

Currently, Sammy is having prosthesis fitted and has been attending sessions where he has had to learn to use the prosthetic leg. All of this can only be made possible if we raise these funds. As you can well imagine, this type of disaster is a huge bearing on a musician's pocket (or anyone for that matter) and we need to help him make this possible. All funds raised will be used to purchase and fit the prosthetic leg, pay for medical specialists and consultations needed to fulfill this dream.    

Sammy was diagnosed with MS in 2010, most of the attacks were on the optical nerves which caused him to gradually lose his eyesight in 2012. At present he is left with 20% eyesight.

In 2016 he started experiencing pain and discomfort when walking more than 200m. A vascular surgeon discovered that his veins were blocked and calcified, the left leg worse than the right and that prompted them to insert stents to keep the 2main arteries open.

Fast forward to Dec 2022, Sammy had been experiencing excruciating pain in his left leg but just assumed he had pulled a muscle. Unfortunately things escalated and the stents that had been inserted became infected and caused sepsis. Sadly they couldn't save the leg and had to amputate, halfway between the knee and hip, which is called above knee amputation.

He spent 30 days in hospital and 30 days in rehab to learn to adapt to this new reality.

It is only with your grace and open hearts that this dream can be made possible. As a fellow musician and friend of this great human, who throughout his pain and tribulations, remains positive, humble and a joy to be around. 

Please join me with your efforts to help this great man stand AGAIN by donating whatever you can afford to this amazing campaign. 


Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Donations to date

R 4 617.65

Donor Messages

Hi Sammy Its onward and upward for you. Go well!
Hey Sammy. so great to see you having some independence back. Stay strong :)
With a friend like Al in your corner - I have no doubt you'll be standing soon Sammy xxx

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