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Student funds 67237 Campaign

I am Alzanne, I am a second year education student, studying at SANTS. I have a great passion for children and plan on studying further after getting my degree.

I recieved a bursary for my studies last year and was appointed as a student teacher at the school paying for my studies. But I am not recieving any salary. I am the oldest of 3 children. My youngest sibling just started grade 1 and my middle sibling grade 11, causing some financial strain on my parents.

My parents pay for my rent(R2500), electricity (R500) and my monthly groceries(±1500). I would like to lift a bit of the strain from them by paying for my own things for the rest of the year. I have estimated an amount that it would cost for a year. I also want to enroll in a child behavior course to broaden my horizons in education.

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