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The Archive: Amabali Wethu Organisation

The Archive: Amabali Wethu is an organization that aims to cultivate a practice of dialogue that broadens our understanding of gender-based violence (GBV) and recovery through curatorial and creative archival work. Motivated by the guiding intersectional principle of experiential knowledge, our work is centered around three pillars: Awareness, Navigation, and Recovery. All content that we create is intended to broaden the conversation of GBV, offer tools of navigation from as many sources as possible - taking seriously experiential knowledge - with the end goal of building and living in a recovered and healed society from GBV. 

 The three main areas that are key to informing how we understand our role in contributing to changing the context described above are as follows:

(i) harnessing the power of social media to make information accessible and useful for activists, survivors, and communities;

(ii) building consciousness amongst our people through raising awareness, providing information and facilitating dialogues and;

(iii) disrupting patriarchy and harmful traditions, and in particular, the way/s in which it has served to normalize GBV and render women invisible.


Donations to date

R 3 228.20

Fundraising target

R 160 000.00

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Aunt Mbasa

Wishing you success!!

All the beat and hope you reach your target. Big ups??????????????????????
Good luck on this important work.
Thank you for doing this. I hope you get to make it happen for all of us.