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AMADO’s HOME: It is in the heart of Paarl, near Cape Town, South Africa.

 AMADO’s   MISSION: Is to change lives buckled with sadness to lives filled with happiness. 

We create awareness of the achievable miracles, through which injustice can be overcome.

 AMADO’s VISION: Is to influence everyone to look past the so-called norm, image and intellectual ability and to treat each other with love and respect.

When you cannot help yourself in and out of the bathtub but you can control a huge horse, the ache of the daily struggle fades, you gain a gross of self-confidence and you feel on top of the world. We have a free programme for those who will benefit from therapy, but who cannot afford it. The programme consists of weekly sessions, including both group and individual therapy on and around horses.  The beneficiaries' interests, needs, and abilities are identified before the therapeutic riding experience, with ongoing assessment. This suggests the best suitable stimulation of skills development and promotes the most successful outcome for each individual.The AIM of therapy with horses is to free participants from their shackles, be it a wheelchair or emotional constraints. Interaction on or beside the horse improvesmotor skills and mental development. It nurtures self-confidence and promotes independence that will open doors to a productive future.





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