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Amahlathi SPCA

We are a committee of 5 volunteers and 5 permanent staff.  We operate in a very poor rural area that cover a geographical area of ± 4820 Km⊃2;.  We have been operational since 1976.  Our area is mostly rural villages and townships which are distributed far and wide. We service Stutterheim / Cathcart / Kei Road / Hogsback / Keiskammahoek / Mgwali (6 villages) / Bolo / Amabele and Toise, this includes all the surrounding farmlands and townships.

Education & Sterilization drives are of the utmost importance in our area, to prevent uncontrolled breeding and spread of disease. A female dog and her off spring can produce up to 10 000 additional dogs, so every sterilization conducted is vital. Sterilizations also control the spread of disease (Parvo / TVT / Distemper / etc)

Many of the people living in our area do care for their animals and they play a vital role of their live, providing security and comfort to the families. Many have limited / to no source of income and live very close to or below the bread line. They live miles away for town and veterinary care. The community is heavily reliant on the SPCA visits to offer this care to their pets and livestock.


Donations to date

R 5 441.71

Fundraising target

R 190 000.00

Donor Messages

Donne Geer
Together nothing is impossible.
Donne Geer
Together nothing is impossible.
Donne Geer
Together nothing is impossible.
To keep being able to do the amazing work you do!
Help those who can't help themselves
Donne Geer
Together nothing is impossible.
Craig Heunis
Good luck
Thank you for all you do
Anna-Marie Press
Good luck! Hope you raise the funds needed to continue caring for the animals who count on your help

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Natalee Horn donated R 100 via Shave To Save
27 Oct 2020 R 100