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Help To Save The Sheep Campaign

Please help us to rescue 8 sheep from slaughter, we have until Monday to raise the necessary funds!

When I heard about the fate of these 8 innocent souls, that my neighbour was unwittingly looking after thinking they had just been moved to a different location, I couldn't bear to stand back and do nothing.

It turned out that they had been moved to be fattened up for slaughter.

Moving in faith, I sought the help of my neighbour to help negotiate with the farmer to purchase them and whilst I was waiting for a decision, I found a fabulous five star farm sanctuary who agreed to take them all.

If we are able to raise the necessary funds, they will be living out their days at Greyton Animal Sanctuary with the rest of their herd in peace, comfort and safety.

The farmer is asking R5,000 per sheep as he said that rams are in high demand and that's the cost that he would get if he was to package them in the freezer. 

With your help, we can raise the necessary funds to rescue all 8 as one should never leave a man behind!

40 people donating R1,000 each is a very doable target but of course, any amount, less or more will be gratefully and gracefully received.

Please help us to save these sweet and innocent souls, who deserve to live out their days in a loving home, in the same way we all do.

Thank you in anticipation for your care and support, please share by WhatsApp to as many people as you can to help us reach our target and save them all.

Thank you,


Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

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