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Help Save 8 Sheep Campaign

Please help us to rescue 8 sheep from slaughter, we have until Monday to raise the necessary funds!
God bless these sheep, when I took the photo they all looked at me at the same time and I managed to capture every single one of their gorgeous faces!
When I heard about the fate of these 8 innocent souls, that my neighbour was unwittingly feeding, watering and talking to, not knowing why they had been moved to near her house, I couldn't stand back and do nothing.
It turned out that they had been moved to be fattened up for slaughter.
I initially contacted the farmer to purchase and save one, but then I thought, how can I choose to save one, I must rescue them all!
A Fabulous Farm Rescue Sanctuary Has Agreed To Take Them!
Moving in faith, whilst I was waiting for a decision, I called the first and best farm rescue sanctuary on my list who amazingly agreed to take them!
The Owner of the sanctuary had just landed back in Capetown following a trip to the UK and, ever the rescuer, immediately said yes to taking them all.
This is very unusual, as anyone in rescue can tell you that most sanctuaries are full and are very difficult to get into, it usually takes a lot of phoning around.
These funds will enable them to live out their days at Greyton Farm, a fabulous sanctuary for rescued farm animals, in peace, comfort and safety.
Some people think that sheep are stupid animals but the Owner of the farm sanctuary, knows all the sheep individually and each has their own character.
We may not be able to save all the animals in the world, but we can surely make a difference to the ones whose lives we are able to change for the better.
Please Donate To Help Raise The Funds To Rescue Them!
The farmer agreed to sell them to me for the going rate of R2,300 (approx. £100 or $120) each, a total of £782 or $972, on the proviso that I take all 8.
With your help, we can raise the necessary funds to rescue them all as we should never leave a man, or a ram, behind!
20 people donating R1,000 ($53 or £43) each is doable but of course, any amount, less or more will be gratefully and gracefully received.
The extra amount will take care of transporting them.
You can also sponsor an individual sheep for R2,300 (approx. £100 or $120) each to help us to reach our goal quicker, whatever you feel called to do.
We may also need to raise funds for castrating them, which I REALLY don't want to do, but this is obviously necessary if they are to be in a rescue sanctuary.
Let's see what God does in this regard as I'll need another miracle to finance this part. I await next steps and will update accordingly.
Please Help Save The 8 Sheep & Please Share!
Please help us to save these sweet and innocent souls, who deserve to live out their days in a loving home, in the same way we all do.
Thank you in anticipation for your care and support, please donate whatever you can and please share by WhatsApp and Facebook to as many people as you can to help us reach our target and save them all.
We have until Monday and need to move swiftly!
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I have a number of Facebook pages where you can verify my work for credibility and integrity and follow me for updates.
Below you will find my Shares & Prayers rescue page and also my SOS Save Our Souls rescue page.

Donor Messages

Johan DeBu
Sheep are people too.
I wish I could give more
I hope this process changes hearts and minds and we move towards cruelty free existences.

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Anonymous donated R 900 via Help Save 9 Sheep!!!
25 Sep 2023 R 900
Johan DeBu donated US $ 3 via Help Save 9 Sheep!!!
24 Sep 2023 US $ 3
James donated R 500 via Help Save 9 Sheep!!!
22 Sep 2023 R 500
Anonymous donated R 50 via Help Save 9 Sheep!!!
17 Sep 2023 R 50
Anonymous donated R 500 via Help Save 9 Sheep!!!
16 Sep 2023 R 500