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Greetings All

My name is Amanda Vuyokazi Sinyakama, a student from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Pretoria, South Africa. 

I am the oldest of three children, I lost my parents while I was still in junior and due to not having anyone at home we were moved to a foster parent who is also a pensioner, she depends on the government old age grant for her living. 

After completing my matric, I enrolled for a Higher Certificate in Resource and Waste Management with TUT and this has now been completed and I am due to graduate in May 2024. 

During my academic year, I applied for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), after so many complications I was finally funded for tuition, meals and accommodation, however, throughout the year I was unable to get meals allowance after many attempts of getting the institution to resolve the issue and had to ask support from a relative. 

Upon completion of the certificate, I was notified that I am owing the institution R128 800. When asked about funding, I was told that NSFAS withdrew/ cancelled it for a reason I do not know. I have provided all the necessary information to back my application for funding, even mentioned that growing up my siblings and I were foster children, depending on the government child support grants but still funding was taking away from me.

While I am excited about the achieved certificate but I am aware that I will not get the hard copy of it during my graduation up until I settle the outstanding fees. 

Also, because the program was a one year certificate, I applied for a Diploma in Nature Conservation with the same institution and I have been advised to pay the outstanding amount of R128 800 as the funding was withdrawn. After trying to negotiate this, I was told that I can only be allowed to register after paying atleast R64 400, which is 50% of the R128 800. I have no one to pay this for me, my current year's NSFAS application is still pending and the registration process is almost complete, TUT is unable to go beyond the negotiated percentage and I am kindly asking for any amount towards my study debt so I can be unblocked to register for Diploma in Nature Conservation. 

Should anyone wish to contact me, I am reachable on my mobile number via calls/ WhatsApp messages: +27 63 353 8250 or by email [email protected] and I am willing to share account details of the institution too. 

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read my story.


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