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Amber's Operation

My daughter, Amber, has a misaligned jaw which causes her great pain. She requires an operation to correct the alignment.

To assist, please select my campaign below, then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Kathi & Alex Simon
We wish her well and totally understand what it is like having a beloved child with a condition
All the best
Andrew Canter
Wishing you well Amber!
Good luck Amber. I'm paying for your mom's km, I have no doubt she will run those and many more so won't wait for her to do them. xx
Being able to 'chew' a simple pleasure that people take for granted :-/
Kim and Russ Wright
Best wishes
I hope you're never interrupted while eating a steak again. Stay strong.
Linda Austin
wishing you all the best!
Sunetra Chowdhury
Don't lose hope Amber, our prayers with you.