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Get Mo back on her feet Campaign

My daughter was diagnosed in 2016, when she was 18 with a cyst in her brain.  They cannot operate, due to the location.  This influences her speech, balance and memory.  All of these symptoms have progressively gotten worse.  The medication she is on, basically turns her into a zombie.  A hospital has imported a  laser machine that could be used to remove this horrible thing from her brain, without impacting her memory or emotions.  We have been doing multiple MRI s in the last couple of months to determine if it has shrunk as requested (it had to shrink by at least 1.2mm overall to qualify).  I don't have enough capital left for the last round and desperately need help. This could change her life, and help her be a normal outgoing 25 year old again, instead of sitting, sleeping, having problems walking or even remembering basic information.


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