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Hi I am Amy, a 26 year old living in Cape Town. 

I've been grappling with mental health and depression for a while now, and it's been incredibly tough. What makes it even more challenging is the financial strain it's caused. Dealing with low energy and motivation makes it hard to maintain a stable income, leading to mounting bills and debts. The constant worry about money only adds to the stress I'm already feeling. Unfortunately, this financial burden makes it difficult for me to access the resources and treatments I need to get better. It's like a cycle that keeps holding me back – I need to improve my mental health to work better, but my financial struggles hinder my progress, making it a real struggle to break free.
Funds would be used to pay my medical debt in order to continue getting the help I need. The funds could also assist with my possible return to the mental health clinic for the extra help I need. 
I am currently unemployed and the impact of support would be huge to get myself back up and running. 

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