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Amy's Teaching Degree

I've decided to humbly reach out to my friends to see if by any chance a few may be able to make a small contribution towards sponsoring my tuition for the next two years. Any amount that I might be able to raise would help tremendously, and lots of little contributions really do add up.

Read more and contribute by first selecting the campaign below then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Dr. Phil
It's fun to donate in other currencies so you don't know how much you are spending!
van Heerden / Campbell
Thank you for making a difference - much love!
"helping little humans to become the best big humans they can be"
Dr. Phil and Jeff
Teaching is the future!
Family matters
Happy birthday Amy.Lots of love the family.
For the kiddies who need a teacher Amy in their lives!
Love and goodness