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Fundraiser for our beloved Duran Campaign

What have I done???

I went to buy a packet of chips to prepare for my final test the next day...never reach the point to meet my craving...what have I done??? 

I saw the shop, as my heart pumped of excitement, yet never reached it, because my motion was stopped, as the bullet penetrates my innocence... what have I done??? 

I struggle to get up, and up and up, yet the hidden enemy overwhelmed me, and as much as i want to get up, I got weaker and weaker and weaker...what have I done??? 

Mommy what have I done??? I have seen the hurt it caused... Ive heard your cry, as much as i fought I couldnt avoid what will come next...what have I done??? 

Mommy and daddy...what you have done... As much as i lost the battle, you have impacted the lives of little soldiers and maybe one day, they might win the battle i have lost today...I want to assure you mommy, if I knew that would happen to me I would have not move, but that was my routine what have I done??? 

Mr President...what have I done??? That I couldnt even walk the path in a time of democracy, and do what i want to do, and yet, just as other innocent young blood, I had to loose my life too....Honoroble, what have I done??? Why do I have to die "by the sword" if i never lived "by the sword?" Mr Ramaphosa, what have I done??? 
Should there be a next and a next and a next??? 

Family... I know we have still so much to share, and today it so sad what you have to bear...what have I done??? I love you all and being around you, is what kept me going and going and going. You have done nothing wrong...but get the message that life might not be that long. What have I done??? 

To all my friends...what have I done??? We have so much games and fun lined up, and yet, I cannot be physically with you, I will always be in your hearts. I will sit on the side in the spirit...smiling and smiling and smiling. If i knew i would not be part of the next game, I would have done better and better and better, and even tease more and more and more...thank you buddies!!! 

As I am forever 11...that will always be the question... What have I done??? One day, just one day, it will unfold why I had to go...


Duran aka Doti

(written by Walter G. Volkwyn)


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