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Almost a year ago, my sister contacted me with a proposal, if we can get the money together to build a small house and start up our farms, a family friend can give us one acre of land for free on a 1000-year lease. 

As expected, this sounded too good to be true, so we went up to where they live in July of 2023, to discuss this with the owner of the land and see the area. He is willing to give us a whole acre, on a contract with a 1000-year lease, my sister also got the same opportunity and started building already. 

We currently live in a block of flats, with 2 kids, both of which are outside kids, they love digging holes and working with animals. We cannot do this here. We have a chance to build our own house, get animals, grow crops and let the kids have freedom. 

 But here is the issue, during the peak of Covid, my daughter was born, we did the math, and it would cost us money for my wife to work, so she is a stay-at-home mom with the kids. My son does homeschool, so he is also at home all the time.

I make barely enough to keep us alive, we live month to month with the bare minimum, due to this, I am not able to put away the money needed to buy a small secondhand car, for transport to and from the building location or even remotely save to start building the house. I am looking for around R250 000, to buy a small car, and use the rest to buy the basics for the building of the house, from the required tools, the cement, to the solar equipment for going off-grid. 

 Please help if you can.


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R 250 000.00

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R 472.99

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Sorry it's not much bro, hope you make it <3

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