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Good day everyone.


Me and my wife is starting a fund raiser to help her brother, Justin to possibly get urgent eye operations in both eyes. 


Let me tell you a bit more about Justin. Justin is a down syndrome that grew up with his mother, Marie his older brother, Wynand and two Sisters, Yolande (my wife) and Karen the youngest sister.  Justin is now 41 years old.  When Yolande and Karen left home, Justin stayed with Wynand and his mother.  Justin's father left them when Justin was about 3 years old, leaving Mother and siblings to cope on their own.


On 8 May 2023, the family was broken when Mother passed away, leaving Justin to stay behind and live with Wynand.  Needless to say, that Justin's world stopped for a moment, but life must go on as they say. Then, only a few months later tragedy strikes again and on 04 August 2023 Wynand dies of a heart attack at the young age of 51. 


Justin was very close to Wynand (Mara as Justin called him). You see Justin can’t talk like most people. He has a very limited vocabulary. Justin, as the rest of the family was broken, when these two caregivers fell away so shortly after each other. After Mother and Wynand passed away my wife and myself took Justin in to take care of. Once again, he was relocated, and he is now living with us on a full-time basis.


Justin grew up in a poor household and had to relocate quite a few times. His mother could never afford proper medical aid, this meant that they had to cope with illness as best they could.  Over the years Justin's eye became worse and worse up to this point in his life, where his eyesight is very bad.  Besides Justin's bad eyesight, he has no other health issues and has a passion for life but can't live life to its full potential because of the poor eyesight.


The original estimated quotation for the operations in his eyes was approximately R25 000 per eye (R50 000) in total and the aim was to raise R65 000 to pay for all medical costs and doctors’ visits and related costs. We enquired to try to let the operations be done through a state hospital, but the waiting list is literally years long.  The alternative is to raise funds to let a specialist do the operations. 


After visiting another eye specialist in Oudtshoorn to get a second opinion we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of discount the specialist offered to perform the surgeries. He reduced his normal fee by 50 % which is a big saving.  On enquiring what the fee of the Anaesthesiologist will be for his services during the surgery, this doctor offered to perform his services at no cost.  This is an enormous blessing for which we are so thankful. We want to thank these specialist doctors form the bottom of our hearts.


Our new target is R35 000. All the funds will be used for the purpose to improve Justin’s eyesight.


Please help us to raise these funds to help Justin to get these operations, so that he can also live his live to the fullest.


Thank you in advance any donations.


Kind regards

Mr Andre Roets

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Bid die hand van die Here oor die operasie en dat Hy geseen sal wees met goeie sig.
Alle sterkte ons bid en vertrou dat elke laaste sent gemaak sal word!
Best of luck, hope you get the funds raised for this young man.
Julle doen sulke goeie werk!

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