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In July 2022, I broke my left ankle, leading to multiple surgeries and severe infections. Despite treatment, the infection spread, causing the amputation of my big toe and other complications. The resulting medical expenses and unpaid leave have left me four months behind on rent and three months behind on car payments. My wife and I are on the verge of losing our home and car. Any support is immensely appreciated as we aim to regain stability amidst this challenging time. Thank you for your kindness and potential assistance.

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Karen Grobbelaar
Lots of love ❀️
Hi Andre. Just heard about your misfortune. Vasbyt. Sorry but as I am a pensioner it’s all I can afford Love from your late Moms cousin Delicia 😘😘😘
Thinking of you at this difficult time. Wish you a speedy recovery and hope life gets back on track soon.

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Karen Grobbelaar donated US $ 29 via Trying to survive
28 Nov 2023 US $ 29
Anonymous donated R 100 via Trying to survive
23 Nov 2023 R 100