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Armstrong Surfboards and the Fire Campaign

Quite simply, Ian Armstrong is a legend of the surf industry. 

A former World Big Wave Champ (Ian won the team event at Todos Santos in 1999), he has for a long time been a pioneer in the surfing community in South Africa and beyond, not just shaping awesome boards, but shaping a whole new generation of big wave surfing!

Ian is a husband, father, surf pioneer, shaper and genuine good guy. His remarkable story and philosophy on life is too long to share here, so for more info, check out the documentary "The Armstrongs" at

Sadly, in the very early hours of 22 December, a huge wild fire, fanned by gale force south easterly winds, swept down the South Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to the huge efforts from local people, community fire fighters and the Fire and Rescue Services of Cape Town, and in spite of the village of Scarborough being surrounded on 3 sides by the fire, the village was saved.

Remarkably, only one building was damaged, however this happened to be Ian's shaping room. Everything was lost, blanks he had stored, new boards just shaped, old boards he was storing, the structure itself and all his shaping tools. In the intensity of the heat, nothing remains.

Shaping is not just Ian's passion and part of his way of life, it is also his families main source of income. After Ian has contributed so much to surfing in SA, we now need your help to get Ian back doing what he loves most, shaping boards!

We estimate that the damage is around R150k, so please help in any way you can, with whatever amount you can contribute, and together, as a surfing community, we can support Ian back in his shaping bay and earning income.

Thank you all so much!

For more on Ian, you can also check out his website at


Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Donations to date

R 109 780.66

Donor Messages

Obol Labs
Let’s rebuild together in 2024 🙌🏻 Going to be a heavy year 🏄‍♂️🌊 Sending ❤️ From the Obol Fam
Tim Stirrup
So sorry to hear that this happened. Still the best boards I've ever surfed!
Thank you for the session, Champ. Next time I’m coming, your workspace is rebuild, I’m sure!
May you be blessed in your new shaping bay.
Jen & Edan
With love
Oeff sorry to hear about the fire Ian, I hope you get back up and running quickly. Cheers, Greg

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Obol Labs donated US $ 2 833 via Armstrong Surfboards and the Fire
06 Feb 2024 US $ 2 833
Tim Stirrup donated US $ 162 via Armstrong Surfboards and the Fire
28 Jan 2024 US $ 162
Philipp donated US $ 115 via Armstrong Surfboards and the Fire
28 Jan 2024 US $ 115
Gary donated R 500 via Armstrong Surfboards and the Fire
12 Jan 2024 R 500
Anonymous donated R 100 via Armstrong Surfboards and the Fire
10 Jan 2024 R 100