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Home sweet Home Fundraiser

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, I am reaching out to you with a heartfelt plea as we come together to support someone who has been an integral part of our lives - our beloved nanny.

As many of you may know, our nanny, together with her 3-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter, recently faced a devastating loss when they tragically lost their home. It's a situation none of us would ever want to imagine, and the weight of it has been incredibly heavy on her shoulders. Despite that she is a single mother and the hardships she has faced, she continues to be a loving and caring presence in our lives, providing unwavering support and love to our family.

Now, it's our turn to support her in her time of need. Our nanny has a small space available to her, and all she needs is a helping hand to build a wendy house, a place where she can find shelter, security, and warmth. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, she doesn't have the means to purchase the materials needed for this crucial project.

The funds raised will be used to purchase the necessary materials for the wendy house and cover the costs of transportation and setup. We want to ensure that our nanny not only has the structure she needs but also that it is ready for her to move in and call her own.

Estimated costs:
Wendy House Structure:                 R 31 000
(Basic 2 bedroom, small bathroom and small living area)
Groundwork:                                           R  1 000
Toilet:                                                       R 1 000
Basin with tap:                                         R 1 500
Shower:                                                   R  2 500
Kitchen sink:                                            R  2 500
Accessories (Plumbing & Electrical): R  2 000
Labour:                                                 R  2 000

Total:                                                R43 500

Additional funds will be used for Insulation to Walls and Ceilings, costing R13 000

This is where our collective strength and generosity can make a profound difference. We are reaching out to you, our cherished friends and family, to contribute whatever you can to help us provide a safe and comfortable home for our nanny. Your donation, no matter the size, will be a ray of hope in her life and a testament to the power of community. 

Every cent counts, and every act of kindness will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your compassion and support. Together, we can make a positive impact and bring a glimmer of hope into our nanny's life.

With gratitude,
Anelle de Lange

P.S. Please share this message with anyone who may want to contribute to this important cause. Your help in spreading the word is invaluable.


Fundraising target

R 43 500.00

Donations to date

R 45 835.18

Funds raised offline

R 37 000.00

Donor Messages

May this house bring many blessings to you and your family .
🇿🇦 Be blessed 🙌

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