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becoming independent Campaign

I am Angelina Williams and I would like to start earning money through an online platform so that I may become more independent. 

It would genuinely mean the world to me if you could please donate. 

I would really like to help my family out where possible please.  

I would like to get myself to where I want to be in life and not have to worry about my life financially. 

Any donation is more than welcome and appreciated. 

Thank you for listening to my short story and helping me reach my goal. 

Stay safe, keep well and God bless 


Fundraising target

R 3 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 390.58

Donor Messages

O'Brien Financial Services
JP Horne
Do your thing like a chicken wing girl!!

Activity feed

Anonymous donated US $ 28 via becoming independent
18 Sep 2023 US $ 28
mom donated US $ 28 via becoming independent
15 Sep 2023 US $ 28
JP Horne donated US $ 6 via becoming independent
15 Sep 2023 US $ 6