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Animal Lighthouse started as a dream for Ronel Basson, as she one day always wanted to run her own rescue shelter where mistreated, abused and neglected animals could be brought to heal and find love and peace. Well, it's no longer just a dream! Animal Lighthouse has been going for 4 years despite many financial ups and downs, and the shelter has changed the lives of many animals who would have been put to sleep, abandoned on the streets or subjected to more abuse had the shelter not been around.

Animal Lighthouse is a pro-life charity, and we try to rehabilitate as many animals as possible and place them in loving forever homes. Those that cannot be rehomed get to live out their lives in peace at our shelter. We are also the only animal shelter in town which is why we feel our work is so vital and is why we are always looking for donations as it is 100% publicly funded and non-profit.

Please visit our Facebook page to view the work we have been doing lately and up and coming fundraising events.

Our registered NPO number is: 132-743.

Thank you for viewing our charity page and for considering helping more abused animals exit this tragic life!

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Donations to date

R 12 650.71

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 10 300.00

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