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Anita Burger Spinal Research Cause

Anita Burger from Stellenbosch will be running the Berlin Marathon for Spinal Research, a UK-based research institute who focuses on spinal core injuries and trying to find ways to assist the thousands of individuals who suffer from these injuries. Anita has dedicated the fundraiser to Johann Lubbe, a friend who had a T10 injury at the age of 31.

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Donor Messages

Handre Burger
Baie sterke Ma! Ma het baie hard geoefen om tot hier te kom, nou moet ma dit net gaan hardloop!
Leonora Watts
Anita, ek salueer jou! My beste wense vir jou fantastiese poging.
Mauritz Venter
Go for it Anita..!!
Johanna Burger
Anita, ek hou vir jou styf duim vas.
Mauritius de Klerk
Good luck with your and welldone!!
Sue Delaney
For those of you who do what many of us aspire to do, may you be fleet of foot and strong of heart. To those for whom you are running, their courage and tenacity never fails to inspire and amaze us.
Johanna Burger
Anita, ek hou vir jou styf duim vas.