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Short film budget Campaign

  1. This fundraiser is to fund the upcoming short film by LSX Films. The film is titled ku yingisa swi tlula magandzelo which means it is good to take advices to avoid regrets. This is the story surrounding 3 girls in their 20s. The is one of the films that give lessons to young people through dialogue and visuals. The funds are strictly to go on the film budget which is used for costume, set, travelling expenses location booking, equipment hiring and etc. The support of everyone and anyone will be very much appreciated as LSX Films is a start up production company founded and ran by a young student trying to make up up in the industry. This is just the beginning to more films and lessons by LSX Films. And LSX Films is looking forward to bringing new face and employment to the SA Film industry. 
  2. My relationship is with Lisa, the beneficiary is a sibling relationship. Lisa is my elder sister who is 3 years older than I.
  3. Raising these funds for her upcoming short film is important to me as I believe in her dreams of having a big film production and distribution company, as she as gone for far to get to where she is today with a registered production company by herself and building a filming crew too.
  4. The impact of this funds are a lesson to young people who are towards, in or almost done with university as the story of this short film is to give a realistic fiction of the acts done with first time freedom from home and also reminds everyone  as the title means it’s better to take advice to avoid regrets. This short film impacts me too as I’m starting university in a few months.
  5. All these funds are to be used as a budget of the film, example being locations rentals, equipment rental, transportation, catering for crew and cast, a stipend of appreciation to the crew and cast, props, set, makeup and costume expenses, marketing, post production and other more things


Fundraising target

R 250 000.00

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