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Port Alfred Dog Sterlisations Campaign

The number of South African households unable to put food on the table has increased drastically in recent times. The first individual to go hungry in a household is mostly the animal. There is simply no money for pet food, dewormers, tick and flea treatment, vaccinations, veterinary bills, and sterilisations, when you struggle to feed yourself and your children. Even in households that have the privilege of education, or that really love and care for their pets, dogs and cats are often forced to roam seeking food. This results in increases in injuries from fights and exposure, in parasites and pathogens, and in more and more pregnancies. More and more little bellies that the mothers are unable to fill.

There are many amazing local and international NGOs active in South Africa that are trying to help the communities. Humans will always be helped first, and of course this is right. But we can't ignore their animals, all of the stray animals that have lost their families, and all the ones who never even had one. The animal shelters are full, and the number of people that can adopt rescued pets is decreasing by the day. There is literally nowhere for them to go.

Even on a short 5 minute drive through the townships closest to our home we see dozens of malnourished, tick- and flea-ridden suffering dogs full of parasites and injuries and so, so many pregnant and lactating females. It is heartbreaking. We have already adopted two beautiful Africanis dogs off these street (who are now living their best life), but we are unable to adopt more.

An amazing and relentless retired surgical nurse, Shar, has been going into the local communities in and around Port Alfred on a voluntary basis, providing pet food, pet medication, vaccinations, and animal welfare education to dog and cat owners, with the main goal to obtain permission and provide access to sterilisations and vaccinations to pets and strays. This year she has already sterilised over 100 dogs with the fundraising assistance of Port Alfred Dog Sterilisations (PADS) and support of the local SPCA.  Please follow their Facebook pages.

I must support this. I can't fix the food crisis, the unemployment, the broken economy, the climate crisis, the government, the world. I can't even vote here as I am not a citizen. But I can help these families help their animals by creating awareness and raising funds for access to food, veterinary supplies, vaccinations, education about animal care and welfare, and sterilising as many roaming animals as possible to stop the spread of this awful silent suffering.

My immediate goal is to raise enough money to sterilise one dog or cat in the Port Alfred area per day until Christmas. The cost of one sterilisation is ZAR 350 (US$19 / Euro 17.50), which is a highly discounted rate thanks to the local SPCA and veterinary volunteers.

I call on all my friends and family who maybe wanted to send me a Christmas card, or who were thinking of giving me a present to please donate to this cause instead. 

Please consider sponsoring one sterilisation or a contribution towards one this Christmas and please share this campaign.

Let's reduce this problem at the source and make this a better Christmas for our local hounds and their humans!



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