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Anna Conradie Exchange Student Cause

Heidi Reynolds (54) is raising funds for her daughter, Anna Conradie (17), who has been selected for a scholar exchange programme to Germany. Anna is an extremely focused, determined and diligent person and she has worked hard to be selected. She is currently ranked as the third top scholar in Gauteng and is ranked 11th Nationally.


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Donor Messages

Enjoy Germany it’s one of my favorite places to visit!
Joanne Reynolds
Well done on a great opportunity!
Have fun!
Mandi Fine
Have an amazing time, amazing Anna
Louise Colvin
All the best Anna-Phoebe! No doubt you will do us & South Africa proud.
Let’s get you there Anna
Fantastic A P. You will blow them away!
Caro, Di, Lu, Luke
Hope it's a glorious experience Anna. You're a great world citizen. Lots of love
Enjoy Anna