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I have a 20 year old son who is on the autism spectrum. Andriaan was non verbal until the age of 3 years. He has had a very difficult start in life as he found his surroundings very challenging. Loud noise, smells, harsh light and certain clothing material, made Andriaan anxious. As parents we were confused and did not understand Andriaan's predicament. We sought the help of professionals. At the age of 9 years Andriaan was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with autism spectrum disorder. He also received a diagnoses for anxiety and depression disorder. 

This entailed a prescription for meds to stabilize his anxiety levels and improve his overall well-being. A person with autism perceive life in a different manner. Their sensory levels are extremely high which in turn, can lead to misunderstandings. On the other hand, they are empathetic, trustworthy, extremely precise and focused on detail. We were worried for Andriaan's well- being when it was time for him to attend school. After two school terms, we realised that Andriaan could not cope in the mainstream. Emotionally he was suffering. For four years Andriaan attended a school for children with disabilities. After a few years, homeschooling were introduced and it was suggested that Andriaan enroll in the programme. He surprised us by adjusting really well. Throughout Andriaan's academic journey, he showed resilience and dedication. Although writing and spelling was a challenge, he persevered and achieved good grades. We were able to afford Andriaan's schoolfees, but as he succeeded to higher grades it became expensive. Andriaan is enrolled at a Tutor Centre in Wellington. Impaq curriculum is applied which is a CAPS registered Homeschooling organization. They are an organization devoted to learners with  learning disabilities and try to make it a positive and fun experience. The monthly Centre fees is R3 500, excluding the fees of Impaq. We usually finalize the total sum for twelve months. For 2024 the total payment will be R13 041, 60. Because we pay a once off amount, a  discount of 10% is approved. Adminfees are R600, stationary R600 and books R2360, 00. Homeschooling for persons with learning disabilities are expensive and for a sole provider, my husband is struggling to gather the funds. Andriaan works very hard and achieves good grades. He understands that he must have a matric sertificate to seek a job. He aims to finish his education and be a independent and responsible citizen. We will be extremely grateful for any donation that could help him achieve
his goal. 


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