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Pixie the Pekingese Campaign

In 2021 my children and I fell in love with an one-eyed Pekingese at the SPCA.  We had the privilege to rescue this little girl and, needless to say, she's now one of my children and my little human's sibling.

Financially, as a single mommy, life takes it's toll.

On Thursday, 21st of September 2023, we got home and little Pixie was in excruciating pain. She could barely walk but tried her best to reach one of us as she desperately needed help. Our palm tree lost a frond which was laying on the grass. Our lady ran into an extremely sharp piece thereof and it penetrated her skin, right into her muscles at the top of her shoulder, close to her chest.

Our vet's concern was that it might've pierced her lung or surrounded organs.
By God's grace, our vet could remove the object under anesthesia and Pixie now only has a sore leg and muscles.

Obviously, this little hospital stay cost me quite a penny and any donation towards her vet bill would be appreciated immensely.


Fundraising target

R 7 000.00

Donations to date

R 2 472.99

Donor Messages

Speedy recovery to your pet.
Wishing Pixie a speedy recovery! You are a super mom ❤️
Waites Family
Hope Pixie makes a quick recovery!

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Cindy donated US $ 28 via Pixie the Pekingese
06 Oct 2023 US $ 28
Carmen donated R 500 via Pixie the Pekingese
27 Sep 2023 R 500
Anonymous donated R 1 000 via Pixie the Pekingese
27 Sep 2023 R 1 000
Waites Family donated R 500 via Pixie the Pekingese
27 Sep 2023 R 500