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Funding My Future in Admin Campaign

I am reaching out to you with a humble request for your assistance in furthering my career aspirations. As a recent graduate with a Diploma in Accounting, I am deeply passionate about entering the workforce and making a meaningful contribution. However, like many others, I am currently facing the challenge of unemployment.

In my pursuit of enhancing my employability and expanding my skill set, I have identified an administrative short course that aligns perfectly with my career goals. This course will not only complement my accounting background but also equip me with the essential administrative skills sought after by employers across various industries.

By supporting my campaign, you will not only be investing in my professional development but also empowering me to take proactive steps towards securing employment. Your generosity will make a tangible difference in my life, allowing me to pursue opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach.

I am immensely grateful for any contribution you can provide, whether big or small. Together, we can turn this opportunity into a stepping stone towards a brighter future. Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to updating you on my progress.


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R 650.00

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