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Heartfelt Tears of a 5 year old Campaign

If a five year old has not seen his father in 6 months and he prays the following (knowing some kind of ticket must still be done : Dear Father please give us the "sim cards" and the money so that we can go be with my daddy with tears rolling down his face.  " Liewe Jesus gee asb vir ons die sim kaarte en geld om na my pappa te gaan, ek mis hom asb liewe Jesus"

Charl and Madelein (my son in law and daughter) started their journey a year ago when Charl applied for a job in New Zealand which he managed to get.  Simply over joyed with their new future, all plans were put in place, Charl left South Africa on 2 March 2023 to start his new job.
Everything worked out perfect and according to calculations Madelein and the kids will be able to join them in 3 x months.  Everytime money was needed to either do visa or medicals, God provided.  

The same week when Charl's deductions to his employer was done (who paid for his visa and medical), Charl would be in the position to get enough together to get his family to New Zealand. 

Unfortunately that weekend,  Charl had a freak accident when he fell +- 4 metres through a rotten piece of wooden floor in the garage where he was renting.  He passed out and when he came to he screamed and shouted but nobody heard.  With the adrenaline still pumping he got up and saw wooden rails against the wall which he us used to climb out.  However, when he got out his legs gave way and he fell to the ground.  

He phoned his landlord and 911 was called. He was rushed to hospital.  After many tests the doctors informed him that he fractured his 12th vertebrae amongst a lot of other injuries like concussion, upper and lower back injury, pelvis injury etc.

To get a call like that at 5h00 in the morning from paramedics, is everybody's nightmare and not to rush there yourself, was extremely difficult for Madelein.   To explain it to Eckart and Alexia (5 year and 11 years) were not easy to say the least.  Thank God he was not paralysed but he needs to wear a body brace for a few months and cannot work now.

Needless to say, this was a turning point for all of them.  The government in NZ took over and he is getting 80% of his salary but all other benefits like overtime is gone for the time being.  His landlord agreed for him to stay for now on and his employer at this stage still is keeping his job.  

Madelein has an open work visa and after 3 attempts already got an interview which went well.  If she  manages to get there before end September 2023, the chances of her getting the job is extremely good.  She could assist Charl financially until he is on his feet again, doctor advised 3 to 6 months for recovery.  

I simply cannot watch them crying for each other anymore, it breaks my heart.  I will miss them dearly but will put my sorrow aside, just to get them together again.  It has taken its toll on the children so much so that they started to feel abandonment now as Eckart says to his mom : you say we will be seeing daddy again, but it never happens, he feels everybody is lying to him"

If we can raise the funds to get them the aeroplane tickets , it will make a world of difference.  At this stage I just want to see them together again, Charl Madelein and children belong together!

Both the children, Alexia and Eckart's birthdays are coming up on 18 Sept and 19 October, please help so that they can be with their father for their birthdays.  Charl has all in place for them already, just need to get them there.

I believe God has plans for us to prosper, not suffer.


Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

Donations to date

R 2 459.69

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Sterkte julle, hoop julle is sommer vinnig by mekaar xx
Baie baie sterkte julle!
And old Friend. RE🙏
We pray for speedy recovery for Charl and pray that Madelein and kids get to see him soon.. 🙏

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