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My name is Anton and I am a good friend of Marius - I met him about 30 years ago when we were both Spinning instructors at Virgin Active. 

Marius was at the time the owner of a number of high end salons. Everything was still running successfully up to 8 years ago, when he found himself victim of a malicious and abusive partner, who created tension amongst staff, creating stories to damage colleague relationships and started arguments to upset and anger customers. 

I happened to meet Marius again a year ago, by chance, when he had lost everything and was homeless. I remembered him being good people, having huge amounts of positive and uplifting energy. His Spinning class was the most popular and he ranked in the top instructors in the country. He appeared on Morning Live doing Spinning. He made time to help me with Spinning music for classes as I didn't own any suitable music.

His real passion was in hair. He saw his work as creating art, being able to create looks that were pleasing combinations of what the customer wanted and what was current and trending. His skill and expertise were recognised at a very young age and he quickly moved up to the most senior positions in his field. He often used to be asked to judge at important annual events. He was one of the most popular stylists and in very high demand.

I have decided to step up and help him to get back to where he was meant to be, so he could once again do what he was passionate and gifted in doing. I stay in a 2 bedroom apartment and told him that he could move into a bedroom, accepting that he would be unable to pay rent etc., feeling that giving him a starting point and anchoring him so that he could start climbing back to a place where he would be able to regain his independence and restore his dignity. Marius is 69 years old, but he has still radiates a youthful energy that inspires me to carry on and grow, to believe in myself and utilise my personal skills and strengths. His family history has everyone living well into their nineties and so he has still a quarter of his life to contribute and uplift the community, to inspire and support people and add loads of happiness and confidence to everyone who crosses his path. He leaves a trail of energised people who are uplifted and inspired. When you look good, you feel good... That is essentially Marius' purpose to uplift and energise, motivate and encourage. Leaving everyone in a better mood and condition than he found them.

There is no way for him to get back to where he should be without financial assistance. I am currently unemployed and I am unable to assist him in getting back onto his feet. In fact I am in arrears with my levies in a very big way and every day we scramble to be able to buy food and electricity.

Please would you help Marius to live his passion by helping him to open a salon and  get back on his feet again. I have no doubt that as soon as his clients find out that he is back in the industry, they will immediately return to him. His clients often feel that no other stylist can get the look that they want so perfectly like he can. He is a pioneer in his field that is simply missing from the industry and from peoples' lives. 


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