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Funds for Rent and Elec Arrears Campaign

Today I am coming to you with a very heavy and ashamed heart.  I pray that the Lord will send an angel on our path🙏🙏  any dontations will be highly appreciated 

Since Covid and the loss of my 1 daughter (13) (part of a twin) we have been struggling financially, we are working at the moment but the salaries is not enough to cover all the expenses, we are so far behind with the rent and water & electricity bill, that the landlord came to see us on the weekend and advised us to pay everything in the next 2 months (before December) which is impossible and if we don't pay we will have to move, and we dont have anywhere to go. We cant end up on streets 😢.  My salary is not even enough to cover the full rent per month. 
I have 3 kids living with me, ages 16, 15 and 6,  the father of the 2 older children doesn't pay maintenance, or help me financially.  

Rent per month is R8500
Water and Lights per month between R2000 & R2400 

Herewith the totals of what is outstanding:
Rent R42 000
Water & Lights R18 914.79
Total: R60 914,79


Fundraising target

R 60 914.79

Donations to date

R 200.00

Donor Messages

Georgia Kleinhans
Ken die gevoel te goed. The season will change. Xxx wens ek kon baie gee

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Georgia Kleinhans donated R 200 via Funds for Rent and Elec Arrears
01 Nov 2023 R 200