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Apple Tree Learning Centre

We’re a small remedial school in Somerset West catering for the “inbetweener” child who can’t cope in main stream schools.

They’ve either got ADHD, ADD, Sensory processing disorder, Rare X syndrome, Down Syndrome, anxiousness or were bullied at school. We create a normal inclusive school environment for these kids, teaching them the abilities and coping mechanism to cope with real life!

There is a huge need for school like ours, and unfortunately we’ve got so many parents who can’t afford private school fees. 

We try to keep our costs to the bare minimum but this is our average costs:

Schoolfees - R2500/ child

Aftercare - R500 / child

Once off registration fee covering all stationary etc - R750

Occupational therapy - R220 / session

Speech Therapy - R220 / session


Please help sponsor a child so that they can receive the remedial teaching they need!

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