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I am a dad of 7 kids. My eldest two have completed school. I have one of my sons living with me, and the other 4 of our children stays with their mom. Due to unfortunate circumstances, my wife and I had a forced separation by a third party's influence, due to me not agreeing with their methods of family seperation when one spouse disagrees with the organizations unspoken doctrine(religious organization). We have been separated for over 3 years now, even though both of us want to be together again. My youngest 3 children visit me every second weekend, and I have the sole responsibility of my son that lives permanently with me. Currently I am living as a single dad, who cannot afford to loose my job. I need to be healthy again to look after my son and to support my wife and kids. I am a Christian who don't smoke or drink at all. I shall not delve into finer details on this platform. Feel free to contact me. Recently, 2 September 2023, I got a Umbelical Hernial medical problem that needs urgent surgical repair. I cannot afford it and the waiting list at possible government hospitals is extremely long and I am afraid that my condition will deteriorate too much in the waiting time. I have gone for a Sonar allready at a private hospital, so I have confirmation of the Umbelical Hernial break.
If anyone can assist me, I would be very gratefull. My wife and kids would loose their main income source if I dont get the operation soon. Thank you so much. 


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