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Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Org Trust

Does it break your heart when you see how many animals are abused, abandoned and neglected with no hope of ever finding a loving home?

ARRO shares the dreams of many people who wish they could do more for animals and their welfare.  We will not only look after animal suffering, but we will also focus on the people who work in animal welfare.  After all, without them - and their welfare - how can the animals get help?  

This project is however not a dream, but on a much bigger, far more organised scale than you could ever imagine.

What is different about ARRO?

We follow the correct due diligence required for a professional organisation, with the main focus on the animals and their welfare.

  1. This charity is a professional organisation. We are well organised, have clear objectives with plans in place and have a clear delivery strategy.  
  2. ARRO’s architect (a well-known, award-winning Capetonian, Shaun Adendorff) has designed a model that improves adoption rates and staff productivity by up to 75% and decreases animal stress by 75%. This was based on a pilot design for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.  So, we tried the design, it worked really well, and now we want to go “big time”. 
  3. Sterilisation is a MUST to reduce animal suffering,  and ARRO’s sterilisation policy at shelters is to provide onsite veterinary facilities to help make mass sterilisation available to the communities where there are none.
  4. ARRO is real, all the leaders of this organisation have pets, of which most are rescued dogs and cats.

ARRO shares a value system of “it is all about the animals, their carers and to assist in reducing their suffering”.  We are all animal people.

Do you want to contribute to the same dream with an exceptional group of people whose hearts are filled with love for the animals that share this planet with us?

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So, if you have a dream to make a difference to the animals in this world, join us and become part of a global legacy. 

Get involved or contribute to improve the lives of animals and their carers in South Africa and join the ARRO family today.


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