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Greetings to whomever finds this. 

My name is Ashiq, a 22 year old student studying Bcom Accounting at UKZN. In 2016 I lost my dad to cancer. As the sole breadwinner we lost everything. My mom made a decision to move closer to family in the South Coast from Johannesburg where my father's estate lies. As a non working mom we struggled for a long period in Port Shepstone. In my matric year I lost my one and only best friend in a car accident. My mom sold my dad's car to pay rental and lights and water. I slept in a garage for the large portion of the time studying and working to achieve marks while battling my circumstances. My mom relocated to Johannesburg in 2018 to find a better opportunity to support us. I have a younger sister as well. In that year she was diagnosed with Lupus. And became very sickly. 

I did excellent in school and received a bursary to study at UKZN. We all relocated to Durban beginning of last year (2022). For the period we stayed with family with no income but there alot of insults and complaints as we were told that we 3 adults who provide nothing. Eventually we were kicked out and I unfortunately failed my second years study. I took it upon myself to find a job and successfully found one that helped me pay for a place for us. I took a loan to continue studying and to secure the place. However my salary is only enough for rental, transportation for myself and sisters school and the loan repayments. We have not bought groceries for the last few months and survive on the bare minimum. My girlfriend helps as much as she can with a R100 now and then but she is a school student in matric too. 

Even with the disease my mom has applied for jobs everywhere and has not been able to get anything due to the condition. Additionally she has applied for the SASSA grant but is constantly denied as they say the disease is only remission despite constant pain and signs it is not. 

My sister is in matric next year, I do not want to see my sister go through the same fate I did during my year. I also hate seeing my mother through this pain. We are a Christian family in desperate need. I am trying my best that I can do for them and myself which is why I have asked for this assistance to pay off my student loan and a bit additional to purchase some groceries for the upcoming year. 

 I want to finally see my mom have some peace in her life after all these 6 years of pain and difficulty which is my main basis of why I came here. I want to make theirs lives better and mine as well. And have that clarity so I can work on my career and one day be on the opposite end of this spectrum and assist anyone who is my position. 

Kind regards, 

God Bless.


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