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The Avela Foundation is a non-profit organisation inspired by one amazing child who overcame all the difficulties she faced, with a little help from those who care.

We are dedicated to providing healthcare and emotional healing to South African children that have survive burn injuries. Some of these children have disfiguring scars and we know that with the right support they will be able to achieve the impossible and become mentors to other burn survivors.

We also want to shift the personal and public perception of these children. Just because they look a little different, doesn’t mean they should be treated differently and be bullied.

Recovering of mind, body and soul after suffering from burn injuries is a process many of us can’t begin to understand. Donate NOW to make it easier for them.

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R 4 004 611.65

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R 5 669 417.00

Funds raised offline

R 1 983 741.00

Donor Messages

Oteto & Owi
Always with you !!
Lolita Palomo
Good luck Cami!
Anonymous (e.)
Best of luck dear Cami!
Sending good thoughts for an amazing adventure for a great cause.
Good luck on the journey!! Sending tons and tons of good vibes.
Sandra Fenton
Go Cami. It was lovely to walk with you last year. Enjoy!
Lolita Palomo
best cause ever well done !!! and good luck !!!
Alan Santini
A little extra to help you guys on your journey.
Soo soo proud of you, and the amazing group you'll be taking with you!!

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Connie Sol donated USD $ 105 via Virtual Everest Summit
16 Jan 2021 USD $ 105
Connie Sol donated USD $ 300 via Virtual Everest Summit
13 Jan 2021 USD $ 300
Celina donated USD $ 98 via Virtual Everest Summit
11 Jan 2021 USD $ 98
Katie donated USD $ 65 via Virtual Everest Summit
11 Jan 2021 USD $ 65
Sofia donated USD $ 25 via Virtual Everest Summit
10 Jan 2021 USD $ 25