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National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa Logo

National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa

The National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA™) was pioneered in 2000 as an independent community-based and owned trust, dedicated to the establishment of the institution of Waqf (Community Sovereign Endowment Fund) and the empowerment of communities.

Awqaf SA is the leading charitable endowment (Waqf) institution in Southern Africa. As a Waqf (Community Sovereign Endowment Fund) institution, we invest funds and spend the income generated from investments to fund a variety of community development projects and programmes promoting Integrated Community Development and Self-Reliance.

As a specialised focus area, we have rolled out 2 projects that we would like to campaign for during the Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge 2018:

1. The Ammaarah Paramedic Bursary Fund - formed in memory of the Late Ammarah Khan who selflessly dedicated her short life to the service of mankind. She pursued a career as a paramedic and was involved in the CPR-AED project. The income generated from this fund will provide CPR training to underprivileged communities.

2. The Children’s and Needy Peoples Fund – for people in trouble areas in South Africa and across the globe.