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The devastation caused on our roads due to Drunk, Intoxicated and Reckless Driving has far reaching effects on innocent families of every race, religion, culture and heritage across South Africa and the world.

As per our own horrific experience the devastation does not stop with the injury, mutilation and death of dearest innocent loved ones. For some - as it has been for us, it is merely the beginning of an extensive period of psychological, emotional and life paralysing events that has clearly demonstrated very serious shortcomings in the General, Social, Governmental and Justicial perceptions of a crime that destroys the lives of 1000’s of people every year.

It is only those that have had such devastation forced upon their lives that begin to understand how much can be done and MUST be done to bring change, with as much love, heartache and soul destroying sadness that I miss my beautiful, innocent loving and caring little girl, Nadia Bond, I vow to strengthen BADD (Bond Against Drunk Drivers) into an Organisation that WILL FORCE the perceptions against this Horrific Crime to change and view it for the 100% PREVENTABLE crime that it is.

We established BADD after our own daughter, Nadia Stephanie Bond was Brutally Killed on the 18th of September 2015. The horrific ordeal has devastated our life, we want answers, we want justice for her beautiful life, and more than anything we want the truth so that we can start the healing process.

But this devastating experience exposed us as family to a criminal justice system that has prooved to be extremely incompetent in their responsibility towards victims of crime. It soon became apparent that our child had been run down under highly suspicious cercumstances by a person whom we as family have had trouble with before. The Horror had only started - The SAPS investigation was totally incompetent, lacks any sense of integrity and it is so Blatantly apparent that I believe it to be corrupt. I have received NO assistance from the Investigators, Prosecutor or the National Prosecuting Authority into very reasonable yet highly alarming facts concerning the investigation.

We obtained an Private Expert in Road Crash Investigations to do a reconstruction of events that led to my childs death. After 22 months we obtained a report which prooves beyong any doubt that the Criminal Justice System is Grossly failing my child, that every concern we have had  and repeatedly raised are very valid. Glaring questions remain to be answered by the NPA yet neither the Prosecutor, the DPP of the Western Cape or the NDPP respond to e-mails from the father of a murdered child. The very system itself and how we have been treated should be investigated for it's gross irresponsible and incompetent mannerism. The sad reality is that they know we as an average family cant touch them, we dont have the resources or funds.

Our fight has apparently only begun, it is no longer merely to find the truth and Justice for our own child. It is about every family and innocent victim of the carnage brought to our roads. It is about a criminal justice system that refuses to acknowledge the plight of victims. It is about the GROSS incompetence and corruption into the investigations of one of the most violent, brutal, savage and cruel ways in which to die.

Death as the result of Road crashes in South Africa are of the highest in the world. Yet their is NO support structure for victims or their families. The RAF does not acknowledge value in the death of a child. The criminal Justice system is atrocious and needs SERIOUS reform in how they deal with the families of victims. Psycological Support Structures are virtually Non existent.

Most seriously - there is ZERO support structure in the entire South Africa that will support a family who needs to obtain the TRUTH of events - As stated it is our experience that the SAPS does not have the will power, resources, trianing, or competence to do a thorough Road Crash Investigation. 1000's of families are left stranded, never getting closure or justice for the death of loved ones unable to find the funds for Private Experts or Advocates to fight on their behalf.

By Funding BADD you will help us:

  • To bring closure to our own and other families that have faced the same termoil, by empowering us to employ Competent and Professional Road Crash Investigators and Advocates who stand for the truth and Justice without prejudice and without fear of the Courts and NPA.
  • You will help us to build Emotional and Psycological Support Systems. The traumatic impact is psycologically paralysing, it devastates your life, but life does not wait for you to come to terms, it marches on. Without professional help, life very quickly leaves you behind. Some do not have the financial needs to obtain professional help. In our case we were lucky to be assisted by my wife's employer to obtain psycological help which continued for months. Without it, I doubt if I would be sitting here, it gave me the strenght to fight back.
  • You will assist us in our Festive Season Campaign against drunk and Reckless Driving. Last year we managed to print and errect 2000 posters against Drunk Driving, it is not nearly enough, but it was done from mostly our own pockets and small donations. In the 2017 Fstive Season we want to expand to errect 10 000 posters and have constant Multi media adverts against Drunk and Reckless Driving. We will save lives, innocent lives... but the message has to be sowed strong and with high impact.
  • You would be helping us with our development and distribution of educational material for the youth of today, they are the drivers of tomorrow and we believe that to make change happen on our roads, change must be educated long before they become drivers.
  • You will empower us to appoint legal representatives to fight in court and within Parlement itself to ensure that Road Crash victims and ESPECIALLY where children are concerned are acknowledged by our criminal justice system as victims of an intentional reckless act of disregard for their life.

We welcome any insights on how we can advance our cause, we welcome volunteer members, and we welcome every word of encouragement - there is a long road to travel.

If you are ever traveling on our roads - please do so safely, speed is never worth it, and driving while intoxicated... if you could read this, you have enough intelligence to know that you would be risking the lives of the most innocent of all - children. Don't risk being the one who causes limbs to be violently torn from their bodies, brutilated and miamed as they are crashed in wrecks... INTOXICATED AND RECKLESS DRIVING IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!

I thank you for your valid Support.

BADD (Bond Against Drunk Driving)

Chairman: John D. Bond

Contact No: +27 74 738 2248

Email: [email protected]


Donor Messages

Praying for some comfort for you & your family so that you can all learn to try & start living again. I am sure that is what Nadia would want.
Please remind me. I'm a proud ambassador
Dink so aan julle!!
Darryl Roberts
I know it's not much - but will put in more next month as I hadn't budgetted for this. Hang in there John.
Chante Green
Good Luck To The Bond Family.. Keeping Thumbs
Denzyl de Jager
Good luck Adrie.
Laat geregtigheid geskied