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Balls an' All Community Pet Sterilization Services

Balls an' All is Community Pet Sterilization Service where people are charged no more than what they can reasonably afford and the balance is subsidised.

Balls an' All is totally self funded, and still in it's infancy, have been responsible for the sterilization of over 300 dogs and 70 cats to date. This represents thousands that will never suffer the indignity of living cold and unloved on the streets, in a shelter or becoming one of the many that are euthanized every year in SA.

We also started a large Township initiative where we not only sterilize pets, but give primary health care, education, vaccines, de-worming, dipping, donate feed and a whole lotta love. We've built up an excellent rapport with the township folk and our return visits are testament to this fact and how the community now greet us with pride in how well they take care of their furry companions.

Another ongoing project is the Anti-Rabies Drives we hold. This due to the recent outbreak in Gauteng and we have given 1000's of free rabies vacs to the local communities.

Our Mission is to assist as many people as possible to spay and neuter their pets, thereby helping communities put a stop to unwanted litters. Sterilization is the ONLY solution to the bigger picture of pet over population and indeed the kindest cut we can make if we wish to uphold the universally recognized 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare!


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