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Beagle in Mind

Our aim is to provide accessible and affordable education and support BEFORE dogs are given up in order to see fewer Beagles (and dogs) in the rescue system due to owners that felt they "could not cope".

We are building an education and training centre where there will be hands-on training with resident Beagles as well as having the facilities for owners to bring their own dogs.

The education centre will offer:

  • resident specialist behaviourists
  • webinar facilities
  • seminar facilities (with the facilities to record and broadcast to online attendants)
  • conference facilities
  • workshop and training facilities (with the facilities to record and vroadcast to online attendants)
  • inside and outside training areas
  • accommodation for students from far
  • filming and photograph studio for educational and training videos and books
  • on-site editor and layout designer
  • illustrator and graphic designer
  • production manager
  • alternative healing specialist practitioners
  • special workshops for children

    In order to help with setting up these facilities now that we have built and renovated, to get the centre ready we need to raise R130 000 for things suc as the folowing:
  • synthetic lawn for outside training areas
  • conference equipment
  • filming equipment
  • training equipment
  • paying of trainers, behaviourists and speakers to start filming more educational videos

We would like to reach Beagle (and other dog breeds) owners world wide with everything we have lined up and would appreciate any bit of help so we can help educate people in order to assist with the ultimate goal of seeing fewer dogs enter the rescue system. Thank you for your time to look at this campaign.

R130 000 = £7900 or €8930 or $9930


Fundraising target

R 186 500.00

Donations to date

R 11 510.16

Funds raised offline

R 5 000.00

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Thank you for the color sketch!
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Show compassion to all sentient beings
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Best of luck!
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Something small from the Ponies and me.
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